Delivery of our first Packo Horizontal Milk Cooling Tank!

We are very excited at DCS this week, not only our largest Ice Builder sold to date (see previous post), but the first Packo Horizontal Milk Cooling Tank for our client in Karaka.
Hamish had used Packo horizontal milk cooling tanks in Europe and new that this was what he wanted for his new goat farm dairy. The tank has a greater cooling capacity than equivalent NZ manufactured tanks and is insulated (unlike NZ tanks that are not insulated), so the energy costs are substantially less.
This tank is designed to be cooled by Ice Water from our Packo Ice Builders (but can also be used with glycol) to cool the 15,000 liters of milk it can store. DCS can supply milk cooling tanks up to 32,000 liters capacity.
Watch this space or better yet follow us on Facebook for more news and photos of the installation over the coming weeks!

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